Wednesday, July 29, 2009


i love uganda. it is a great place filled with amazing people. it is probably my favorite country. uganda taught me more than i ever thought i needed to learn. it taught me to love more freely and to trust more openly. it taught me to work as a team with others in order to accomplish a larger goal. it taught me the simplicty of life, how often we cause stress in our own lives. everything about uganda made me a better person and i hope i never forget the lessons i learned.
i am now in south africa! my parents came last week and we went around uganda, on a safari in kenya, and now sightseeing in cape town. it has been a joyous time and south africa has been especially great because they have dr pepper and mcdonalds!
i will miss everything about uganda and i hope that i have the opportunity to do similar experiences in the future. im sorry my blogging hasn't exactly been frequent. i'll try to post some pictures! thanks for all of your support and love. peace love uganda


Syphus Family said...

LOVE the pics!

Roxnostalgia said...

Great pics and I totally agree that you have been a different person since this experience. So proud of you.

Aly A. said...

nkwagula nyo nyo nyo