Saturday, July 4, 2009

i am obsessed with africa

happy fourth of july! i am sorry that i am the worst blog updater ever. well a lot has happened since i last posted. since it's been a little over a month we've celebrated martyr's day, went on a safari and traveled to northern uganda, went to rwanda, and did so much work on projects i cant even begin! i have learned so much from my experience in uganda. it really is the best place on earth. after traveling to northern uganda and rwanda i have definitely developed an appreciated for our little village. northern uganda and rwanda were both great. we were able to learn more from those who were affected by the LRA in northern uganda and by the genocide in rwanda. we were able to hear first hand about the experiences that they were forced to undergo and it definitely made us all realize how lucky we are. my parents come in two and a half weeks and i am so excited! at the same time, its hard to think that in two and a half weeks everything will change. i have fallen in love with lugazi and everything it contains. its definitely going to be hard to leave! thank you all for your support and keep emailing!


Team Covey said...

This is so fun to read up on all you've been doing all summer! I'm glad you love Africa. I can't wait to hear all about it in person. -christine

katrina said...

Are you coming home already?

Syphus Family said...

Please come back soon!