Monday, June 1, 2009

i bless the rains down in africa

hello from africa! so we've been experiencing quite a bit of rain in africa! yesterday there was a crazy storm AND a large chunk of the wall surrounding our house just collapsed! so we currently our exposed to everyone! it's a little scary because anyone could jsut come in and steal our stuff but so far we've been safe!
the work is going well in africa! last week we built the frame for three adobe stoves, filled two, worked at the hospital, and helped out a bakery! last week was definitely our hardest working week and it was very fulfilling! this past weekend we went up to sipi falls which is about four hours north to this amazing lodge! seriuosly we all stayed in this little cottage with nice beds, HOT showers, amazing food, and beautiful scenery! if anyone has seen the tv show LOST, we basically were on the set, it looked exactly like it. we did some really really really intense hikes on saturday and got up close and personal with the three different waterfalls. coming back from sipi was quite an adventure with a flat tire, messed up brake pads, and a about five police checks. we were all very squished and cozy but we made the most of it!
we've gotten to know our way around our little village really well! we know where all our favorite food places are and the people who rip us off and the ones that are actually our friends. we had one unfortunate event where someone we put a lot of trust in stole sveral high price items from the different volunteers. the ugandan police were involved, the man was taken to jail then released and is now just free around town so nothing really was solved! luckily we've all been safe so far and we have a night and day guard so we should be fine! the sickness that attacked the house has now passed for the most part! plus the one volunteer who had malaria is free of it now so we're really on an uphill!
this morning aly, liz, and i went to a group home about thirty minutes away. we drove there on boda's so the drive was GORGEOUS and we loved it! we're hopefully going to do a lot of projects there and are so excited to work with the people!
the sun is hot, the food is different, but we all love africa:) i'm so happy to be here for the summer and do as much as i can with as little time i can! peace love, happiness to all!