Monday, November 22, 2010


today i am really grateful for the ability to feel.
i love that each of us are capable of feeling joy, gladness, gratitude, laughter, friendship, comfort, security, serenity, frustration, misery, and anxiety.
these past few days have been a combination of all of the above, and i am so grateful for that. i think without feeling i wouldn't appreciate the incredible blessings i have in my life.

thanksgiving is the best. it reminds me that i have an insane amount to be grateful for, my life is brilliant.

anyway, merry thanksgiving. spend it with great people, i know i am.

ps title of the post: props to emma t. thanks for the great song.


Aly A. said...

i'm grateful for you stacey mae forsyth

neil and jes said...

so i'm super late in the game, but found your blog. you are the cutest, you know that? hope you are having a blast in Israel. xo